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Twelve month calendars featuring the images from this website are available for purchase. Two types of calendars are available. One is a twelve page, twelve month calendar for one year - one month on each page. The other is a one year calendar with all twelve months on one page and one image at the top. These calendars are available with United States holidays or Canadian holidays.

Twelve Month, Twelve Page Calendar for 2018

Aspen In Winter Snow                                                                Frost Crystals

Misty Winter Kansas Prairie                                                   Himalayan Blue Poppy

Purple Flowers and California Coast                                         Sea Stack Silhouette Sunset

Dog Lake, Yoho National Park                                                      Stream on Mount Rainier

Rabbitbrush and Buttes In Monument Valley                                     Autumn Aspen Leaves In Stream


            Moon and Rock Formations In Eastern Sierras                     Snow Covered Trees On Tesuque Peak


This calendar is 11 inches wide by 17 inches tall. It will have a spiral ring binder in the middle so that you can hang and flip the pages easily.

This 2018 calendar costs $20.00.        shipping is $6.00

Build your own custom calendar - select your own images

The images seen above are the image selected for 2018 and this is what you will get if you do not select your own images. But you do not have to accept the images that I have selected. You can create your own custom calendar with twelve images that you choose for the twelve months. Pick out any images on this website to incorporate into the twelve month calendar, and it will be custom printed for you. The images you chose will be sized and adjusted to fit in the top half of each page.

This calendar is 11 inches wide by 17 inches tall. It will have a spiral ring binder in the middle so that you can hang and flip the pages easily.

Add business logo - There is room on the calendar for a business logo and/or some information. It would be located on the left side above the "Sun" column. Approximate space size is 1.5" high x 3" wide. Email a graphic file or text you want there and it will be placed on every page in the calendar.


One Page, Twelve Month Calendar - Year 2018

Eastern Sierra Mountains Sunset

This calendar features one image at the top and twelve small monthly calendars filling out the rest of the page. Some major holidays are noted. Available with United States or Canadian holidays.

This calendar comes in two sizes:

  • 8.5" x 11"  -  $3.00   -   shipping $3.00
  • 11" x 17"  -   $6.00   -   shipping $5.00

This calendar is printed on thick (60 lb), smooth white paper. It will come supplied with four corner stickers to apply on the back so that you can stick it anywhere.

Customize this calendar:
You can accept the image that has been selected for 2017 as seen above, or you can pick any image you want from this website to use as the image on the calendar.


Twelve Month, Twelve Page Calendar for 2017

Winter Aspen Forest                                                       Mount Bierstadt Summit

Sunset California Coast                                                    Forest Meadow Wildflowers

Oregon Temperate Rain Forest Trail                                                    Eastern Sierra Sunset          

Colorado Rockies Alpine Wildflowers                                    Canadian Rockies River Canyon     

Harvest Vineyard Grapes                                                    Great Sand Dunes Autumn

Lake Superior Shore Rocks                                            New Mexico Winter Mountains

One Page, Twelve Month Calendar - Year 2017

Cathedral Rocks Sunset



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