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  Ohanapecosh River cuts through a dense temperate rain forest gorge Washington

Ohanapecosh River

Pine trees along shore reflect in Mowich Lake, Washington

Fog Hangs Over Mowich Lake

Fog hangs over conifer trees along shore of Mowich Lake, Washington

Mowich Lake Forest Fog

Soleduck Falls along the Soleduck River Washington

Soleduck Falls Along Soleduck River


Marymere Falls, Washington

Marymere Falls


Small stream tumbles down hillside over mossy rocks near Ohanapecosh River Washington

Stream Slips Through Mossy Rocks


Water tumbling over mossy rocks on its way to Soleduck River, Washington

Rain Forest Stream Through Mossy Rocks

Water of small stream tumbles over rocks

Rain Forest Stream Off Mount Rainier

Small stream tumbles over mossy rocks into Ohanapecosh River Washington

Temperate Rain Forest Stream

Small stream tumbles down moss covered rocks to Ipsut Creek, Washington

Sylvan Stream Through Mossy Rocks

Waterfall plunges in narrow canyon in the Cascade Range mountains Washington

Canyon Cascade In North Cascade

Waterfall and stream tumble through alpine wildflowers in American Basin in July, Colorado

American Basin Alpine Wildflowers
And Stream

Rapids along the Merced River, California

Merced River Rapids

New snow covers rocks and trees along creek in Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

Sierra Nevada Stream With Winter Snow

New snow covers rocks along creek in Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

Sierra Nevada Winter Creek

landscape photograph - Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park, California

Vernal Falls

Waterfall and stream tumble through alpine wildflowers in American Basin, Colorado

Stream Tumbles Through Alpine Wildflowers Below Handies Peak

Tufa formations are silhouetted against a dawn sky and reflected in Mono Lake, California

Tufa In Mono Lake At Dawn


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