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  Pink Water Lily blossoms amongst green Water Lily pads in pond, Oahu, Hawaii

Water Lily Pads and Pink Blossoms

Water lily pads and blossom in shaded pond, Hawaii

Water Lily in Dappled Light

White and yellow water lily blossom in sea of lily pads, Minnesota

White Water Lily Blossom and Lily Pads

Giant Water Lily pads and blossom, Oahu, Hawaii

Giant Water Lily Pads and Blossom

Giant Water Lily pads and blossom, Oahu, Hawaii

Giant Water Lily Pads and Flower

Red-headed bird on Giant Water Lily pad in pond, Oahu, Hawaii

Red-headed Bird on Giant Lily Pad

Gecko on Monstera Leaf

Gecko on Monstera Leaf

New plant sprouts on mossy rock

New Plant Sprouts On Mossy Rock

Spotted Fern Frond

Spotted Fern Frond

Horsetails on forest floor in Pacific Northwest

Bunch of Horsetails

Rain drops on small leaves turning red in autumn, Gooseberry Falls State Park, Minnesota

Raindrops On Red-Tinged Leaves

Rain drops on leaves of green plant on forest floor, Minnesota

Raindrops On Green Leaves

Trail through temperate rainforest in fog, Cape Lookout, Oregon

Rainforest Trail in Fog

Rays of sunlight stream through fog and trees, Redwood National Forest, California

Sun Rays Through Trees

Cottonwoods in autumn colors reflect in lake, Connected Lake Park, Colorado

Autumn Cottonwoods, Connected Lakes

Forest of aspen trees in autumn in White River National Forest, Colorado

Forest of Aspen Trees in Autumn

Aspens after light snow, San Juan National Forest, Colorado

Snowy Aspen Trees, Colorado

Leafless poplar tree before canyon wall of Harris Wash, Grand Staircase Escalante Nat'l Monument, Utah, USA

Leafless Tree by Canyon Wall


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